The Philippine Volleyball Federation (formerly known as PAVA) is the ONLY national governing body of volleyball in the country. Affiliated and accredited by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) and the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB).


In 1910, Elwood S. Brown, Physical Director of YMCA, introduced volleyball in the country. It started as a backyard sport then played along the island beaches. They have to find coconut trees opposite each other where they can hang their net. The game was made through agreement like: one against one; one against five or against ten (10). There was no restriction yet as to the number each team can hit the ball before they send it over to the opponent’s court. Any manner of sending the ball over the opponent’s court can be done. At one time, one team tried to hit and pass the ball among its other following each member to hit it before they sane the ball over the net to the opponent’s court. The opposing team has no choice but to wait for the ball to reach their court. The same thing was done. With this manner of playing, as the Americans noticed that it was no longer challenging and recreational so they tried to limit the hits into three. With this development, Filipino players tried again to explore another manner of playing and tried to observe what effect would there be if one tries to jump high and hit the ball hard above the net onto the opponent’s court. There was no complaint against the act, hence, hitting the ball hard above the net continued until the Americans called it a “Filipino bomb”. The game became popular throughout the country. The sports officials then through that it was about time to promote and develop volleyball.

In July 4, 1961, the then Supt. Tomas de Castro called for a meeting with Justice Roman Nolasco, Jose N. Reyes, Director for Playground and Recreation Bureau and Tommy Teng, a businessman. The objective was to organize a Volleyball Association in the Philippines under the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (PAAF). This gave birth to the Philippine Amateur Volleyball Association (PAVA).


Supt. Tomas de Castro


Justice Roman Nolasco

Vice President

Mr. Bernardino T. Montes

Secretary General

Mr. Tommy Teng


Mayor Macario Asistio


Mr. Jose N. Reyes


Col. Romulo P. Constantino


Mr. Fernando Bautista


Twenty (20) charter members were organized then:

Bureau of Public Schools


Bureau of Private Schools


Mindanao Athletic Association


Cultural Luzon Athletic Association


Northern Luzon Association


Southern Tagalog Association


Western Visayas Association


East Visayas Athletic Association


Bicol Athletic Association


Marikina Valley


Manila, Pasay, Quezon Cities Association


State Colleges Association


Siliman University


National University


University of the Philippines


Philippine Airforce


West Visayas Athletic Association


Yellow Taxi Club


City Schools


Other athletic clubs were then formed one of which was registered with PAVA was the Rizal Provincial Athletic Club.

To there credit, these associations have developed lot of players who represented the country in international competitions: Far East Olympic Games, Asian Games, Ganefo Games, Universiade Games and other International Invitational. Among those who became famous were Ruben Labay, Julius Baldesimo, Agapito Custodio, Gorgonio Simple, Paternito Calo, Domingo Cuenca, Elvira Candelaria, Lilia Decena, Brigetter Nicol-Gabuco, Emma Reynoso, Camilia Pasicolan, Salome Adan, Minerva Dulce Ortiz, Frediswinda Labay, followed by the next generation: Alberto Bacani, Henry Bonotan, Mamerto Ogama, Robert Milton A. Calo, Augusto Santamaria, etc.

Violeta Tobias-Rastrullo, Noraida La Rosa, Alma Mlapote-Jocson, Virginia de Jesus, Josefina Malate, Josefina Paulite, Ma. Lourdes Jao, Ma Chona Jao, Thelma Barina, Arlene Apostol, Elena, Grace Antigua, Maribel Russiana, Rose Gonzaga, etc. Lot of volunteers joined the association year after year.

It is noteworthy then to mention the Presidents from 1961 to present:

Supt. Tomas de Castro


One term

Justice Roman Nolasco


One term

Supt. Tomas de Castro


2nd term

Supt. Tomas de Castro


3rd term

Mayor Nemesio I. Yabut


One term

Mr. Godofredo Camacho


One term

Col. Mariano Santiago


One term

Cong. Victoric Chavez


1st term

(Elected President after the EDSA Revolution)

Cong. Victorico Chavez


2nd term

Mr. Benigno Gopez


One Term

Mr. Luis Gepuela


One Term


Mr. Roger Banzuela


One Term

Mr. Pedro Mendoza Jr.



It was during the term of Congressman Victorino Chavez who became a Member of the Board of Administration (FIVB) with the able assistance of Mr. Ramon Suzara, member of the Management Committee (FIVB) that brought the World Grand Prix here in Manila (1994).

In 1995, PAVA held their Congress and at the same elected the Officers with official observers from the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) in the persons of Governor Jose Almeda, Secretary General of POC and Mr. Elizalde, Philippine representative to the international Olympic Committee.

PAVA as mandated by its charter is continuously searching, training and developing potential athletes, coaches, and referees with knowledge and skills to equate the level of national and international standards.


3 Responses to “THE FEDERATION”

  1. We have formed a volleyball association which was able to help players to finish their studies through athletic scholarships since 1987. Until now, we are still having our annual league and sports clinic teaching and developing children and adults alike as one of our foremost objectives is to promote volleyball and physical fitness.

    I am one of the co-founders of the group and i am thinking of proposing an officiating seminar course for our pioneer members. WE are the only ones officiating and organizing our activities. We would like to know if we can ask for some of your assistance regarding seminars and updating of our knowledge with the new rules.

    Respectfully yours,

    Maricel Consolacion

  2. schedule for national referee congress in davao city will be on June 25 – 27, 2010.

  3. Hi Kuya Jeff!
    July 02 – 04 npo ang Referees Congress sa Davao City.
    By August magkakaroon din po sa Butuan City or Agusan del Sur.
    I’m just waiting for the confirmed details from Mr. Remy Bañas.
    You may contact me at my Mobile no. 0905 4480552 / 0919 3456357.

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